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so i made it inside and the dude changed the lock and charged the airbnb host




HOLY SHIT I WAS SO WORRIED SHE WAS GOING TO MAKE ME PAY MORE MONEY? ugg but she didn’t but now i’m so freaked out and stressed she might ask me for money in the future and/or give me a bad airbnb review even though it wasn’t my fault?!?! like how could i break a lock in a door?!?!?!

spermcoffin asked: Londonears is a really good gig listing website xx

oooh! this site looks so cool! I’ll have to look it over more but thank you so much! <3

blog-of-boys-and-boys-with-boys asked: Don't know what you are looking for exactly, but anyways you should check out Whirl-Y-Gig. It's the longest running dance club in London and the atmosphere, people, and music are amazing. It goes on once a month I believe and there is quite a big drug scene there (idk if you are into that). If not, either way it's a completely safe and feel-good scene and a great place to go rave with friends.

Ah! I’ll look into it! I’m looking for more rock-ish gigs? like, generic london rock shit, you know? but this might be nice, too, especially if it’s a place to dance and hang out. thank you :x


airbnb host came home and apparently, the entire lock is broken? I’m not an idiot? except that i feel like it didn’t fuck up until i got here l o l
am i bad luck? what’s going on? omfg

Traumatic things that happened after 6pm in Paris today:

Gig in London?


Anyone know where I can find a good list of gigs in London?

Gig in London?

Anyone know where I can find a good list of gigs in London?

Things I crave in the USA:

pvlchrvm asked: We have pretty much the same taste in art and photography. Omg, I love you.

omg you’re soooo cute! what’s your name? we should chat more :x