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I don’t normally get many christmas gifts and i’m more or less okay with that. This year, I got a few really great ones that are terribly close to my heart i’d like to share with you all.
My friends christian(keepwiththeangels), anni(two-windmills), susie aka alex[ander], and their friend matt who i’ve never properly spoken to sent me the most lovely and loving christmas gift that i was so, so surprised and delighted to receive…

look how cute this box is :(

look at all this stuff! okay, going clockwise…

The book on top is this BEAUTIFUL dutch book that was published in 1949 according to google books.

i couldn’t find a publication date on the title page or frontispiece :(

it came with a cute book jacket that’s a bit tattered but just adds to it.

below that are some home-baked german cookies christian had promised me with sprinkles and i haven’t tried them yet but they look so, so good. i’m really excited to try them. :x

below the cookies and moving to the left are a couple postcards. NOTE HOW SIMILAR CHRISTIAN AND JEAN’S HANDWRITING IS. it’s spooky. the card flipped on it’s back is one christian got on vacation when he went on a cruise that departed from florida. me and jean were supposed to meet christian in tampa before he went on the cruise but we never got a chance to because of some massive-stressful car trouble on my end that if i fully explained, would emotionally exhaust me… the other post card is a german one since christian is oh-so very german.

above that, going all the way up are some DELICIOUS looking german candies, including some that read ‘Prince Polo’. These are pretty precious to all of us since Prince Polo is/was(?) the band that christian, anni, alex/susie, and matt were all a part of when i first met them and they’re all such a tight knit group of kids. they’re all so lovely and i didn’t know that their band was named after a german chocolate bar but it makes a lot of sense and is just the sweetest thing.

At the very top on the left, is another postcard with kitty stickers on it and on the back it reads, “the Mormon Tabby Nacho Choir”.

Underneath that is a german news paper that some day, i may try to read or else just pick out the words i recognize with my zwei jahr gymnasium deutsch skillz.

Really, Christian and the rest of these kids are the sweetest. I love them lots and lots. <3

Posted: janvier 8, 2012 (il y a 2 ans)
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