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My actual christmas was very stressful and chaotic on account of my massive car troubles. Jean’s entire visit was kind of a clusterfuck but it was just nice seeing him again and being together. we exchanged christmas gifts christmas night and maybe someday he’ll show you what i got him but until then, i’ll show you what he got me…

This beautiful record player!

We had spoken about it quite a bit. About how strange, funny, and sad it was that i didn’t have a record player since it seems like by all accounts, I would be the kind of person to have one. So he corrected this by getting me one and look at how cute it is! It was his first record player too so it has a lot of sentimental value now for the both of us.

It’s a portable fisher-price record player that was made for children.

He also got me some other small, cute things…

beautiful card with a real pressed flower… doesn’t his hand writing look like christian’s?!

the inside… <3

what could this be?

it’s a small wood and lucite vintage box that has real butterfly wings and plants on the lid. inside is a bunny ring, a pin that was made using vintage fabric, and a little bunny eraser since he knows i like bunnies…

he’s sweet :(

Posted: janvier 8, 2012 (il y a 2 ans)
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