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I haven’t posted a photo of myself in a while so I figure while my blog already looks a hot mess from Art Basel this week, why not. This was at Basel Castle on saturday and i’m with my friends marianna and kristen. I’m the one in the center if you didn’t know

So since i’m moving, i’ve been kind of reveling in Miami’s thrift and spending lots of money (whoops). Here are some things i picked up on my most recent trips and how i altered them if i did. there’s also a decent amount of me trying to be cute on camera so look out for that. also, all these photos were taken on my phone so the quality kind of sucks. this is tumblr-serious, not lookbook-serious.

This was a tank top I bought for $1.95 at red, white, and blue thrift. I cut it into a crop-top.

$7.95 @ Red, white, and blue.

Here’s a blouse I bought at Red, White, and Blue for $1.95 that I cut up.

Here it is after being cut.

-_- sorry.

Another blouse I bought at Red, White, and Blue that I also cut. $2.95

After cutting it.
I wear them either tied, tucked in, or loose with black tights.

Another blouse I bought at Red, White, and Blue for $2.95. Can’t decide what to do. should I cut it like the others or keep it as is?


Bought this navy, wool, winter coat since atlanta apparently has snow. it doesn’t look like much on the hanger but the shape is so flattering. $7.95 at Red, White, and Blue.

 These are terrible photos and i’m sorry -_- but here’s how it looks on me (if you can see…)

Boots I bought at Red, White, and Blue. $7.95

Sandals at Red, White, and Blue. $2.95


Floral, velvet, long-sleeved crop-top. Goodwill. $5

I bought this ugly-pretty dress for $4 at goodwill. I really liked the top so i cut the buttom off.

Here’s the top after being cut.
Better look at the fabric.

Sweater. Goodwill. $5 or something?

Pretty necklace I pocketed from red, white, and blue. (whoops)

Me wearing it.

I bought lots of other stuff at goodwill but they were kind of basic and not photogenic. A deep green, velvet pencil skirt, a red corduroy pencil skirt, chambray pencil skirt, brown corduroy jacket with sheep sheering on the inside, some boring but functional trench.

Sorry this is rushed, SOMEONE is rushing me to watch a movie with him and i hate him.